What prevails?

Automating invoice processing is probably one of the first steps in transforming and streamlining the Accounts Payable function.

In this blog, we discuss and analyze the different approaches of invoice -extraction technologies that are available today.

According to , almost 70% of digital transformation initiatives fail. Common pitfalls include a lack of employee engagement, inadequate management support, poor or non-existent cross-functional collaboration, and a lack of accountability. Furthermore, sustaining a transformation’s impact typically requires a major reset in mindset and behaviors.

Automation until recently has been…

Is this realistic? Or is it purely conceptual?

Tokenized Invoices, Blockchain, Invoice Process Automation, Invoice Data Extraction

The new era-computing and efficient data-transmission networks led to the digitization of assets. But then, there are issues to this. Existing implementations of tools for asset management or trading are not sufficiently automated.

Furthermore, there is an issue of trust, reliability, and…

In the previous blog series Part III, we discussed two very popular Open-source RPA tools, Automagica and Robocorp. Let’s talk about yet another popular open-source, cross-platform open-source RPA Tool. We come to the concluding part of our blog series on Open-Source RPA.


TagUI is a command-line RPA tool that is…

In Part 1 of our Open Source RPA Blog series, we discussed the need for Open-Source RPA solutions and in Part 2 we discussed one of the foremost Open-source RPA software available — OpenRPA. …

Architecture, Advantages and Shortcomings of an Open Source RPA

In the first part of our Blog series, we discussed the need to pursue open-source alternatives for RPA.

Well, in this blog post, we review some of the most popular Open-Source RPA solutions. …

As organizations are increasingly realizing the many benefits of automation, and the RPA Adoption rate is steadily picking up.

According to Gartner, the robotic process automation software market is expected to grow by an enormous 41 percent year over year through 2022.

Still, for the traditional industries that run on…

“In any architecture, there is the equity between the pragmatic function and the symbolic function” — Michael Graves

What is ‘Deep Learning’?

Deep Structured Learning or Deep Learning is a part of the broader family of machine learning methods based on artificial neural networks. Deep learning is a class of machine learning algorithms that…

Businesses strive hard to maintain the best security for their systems without having to compromise on business agility. Over the past decade or so, the hype around RPA has continued to grow increasingly louder.

Along with the many known benefits of RPA — there have also been several RPA Myths…

TCO of Invoice Data Extraction, Cost of Invoice Data Extraction

On an everyday basis, business executives have to keep up with the changes happening in the business dynamics of how businesses operate. In accomplishing so, they spend quite a lot of their time contemplating the adoption of the latest technologies.

No matter how much the executives vouch for their gut…

Rejoy Nair

Business Analysis Practitioner

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